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 The Rhode Island Vegan Awareness Vegan Restaurant Guide 
Beginning in March of 2016 RIVA is very pleased to be offering our Rhode Island Vegan Awareness Vegan Restaurant Guide free to the public both in a print and an online version.
 This guide was only possible with your generous support. Please consider joining RIVA for a small fee of $25.00 a year to help us fund this and many other projects.
We will be updating our guide yearly.
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 Happy Vegan Dining!

Vegan Tips for Dining Out:


More and more restaurants are adding vegan options at the request of their customers. Use social media and the telephone to contact your favorite restaurants and ask them for more vegan options. Choosing vegan food is easier than ever and with some simple tips it is sure to be a breeze! Try Asian, Indian, Italian, Middle Eastern and other ethnic restaurants which will almost always have something to suit your needs. If you're out of town and are having a hard time locating a restaurant visit websites such as happycow or vegdining for markets and restaurants throughout the world. Here are some tips that may help you have an enjoyable dining experience:


*Do not be shy when ordering your food! Most restaurants can and will accommodate your requests and adjust dishes to accommodate your preferences.


*    Watch out because some restaurants will mislabel an item as vegan or vegetarian when it is not. Items may be made in fish, beef, or chicken broth and it is always good to confirm. Some examples of this may include: vegetable curry dishes that contain fish sauce, rice and beans that were cooked in animal products and salad dressings, sauces and pasta dishes that contain dairy and eggs.


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Guide to Cruelty-Free Skincare & Cosmetics

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 Sanctuaries                                                                                                              Top
Farm Sanctuary
Peaceful Prairie 
Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
Main Street Vegan by Victoria Moran

Becoming Vegan: The Complete Guide to Adopting a Healthy Plant-Based Diet
        by Vesanto, R.D. Melina, Brenda Davis

Being Vegan, Living with Conscience, Conviction, and Compassion
        by Joanne Stepaniak

Defending Animal Rights
        by Tom Regan

The Dreaded Comparison: Human and Animal Slavery
        by Marjorie Spiegel

The Food Revolution
        by John Robbins

Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat
        by Howard Lyman

Slaughterhouse: The Shocking Story of Greed, Neglect, and Inhumane Treatment Inside the U.S. Meat Industry
        by Gail Eisnetz

        by Joan Dunnayer

Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating
        by Erik Marcus

More Titles on Amazon


Explore Titles and Reviews on Amazon

The Candle Cafe Cookbook
        by Joy Pierson, Bart Potenza, Barbara Scott-Goodman

150 Vegan Favorites
        by Jay Solomon

How it all Vegan
        by Sarah Kramer and Tanya Barnard

The Garden of Vegan
        by Sarah Kramer and Tanya Barnard

The Millenium Cookbook
        by Eric Tucker and John Westerdahl

Sinfully Vegan: Over 140 Decadent Desserts to Satisfy Every Vegan^s Sweet Tooth
        by Lois Dieterly

The Tofu Tollbooth
        by Elizabeth Zipem, Dar Williams, and Heather Horak

The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook
        by Debra Wasserman

Vegan Planet : 400 Irresistible Recipes with Fantastic Flavors from Home and Around the World
        by Robin Robertson

The Vegan Sourcebook
        by Joanne Stepaniak

Vegan Vittles
        by Joanne Stepaniak

Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook
        by Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Terry Hope Romero

Appetite For Reduction
        by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen
        by Donna Klein

Superfood Kitchen
        by Julie Morris

The Ayurvedic Vegan Kitchen: Finding Harmony Through Food
        by Tayla Lutzker

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 Guide to Cruelty-Free Skincare & Cosmetics
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Vegan Cooking
Christian Vegetarian Association
Jewish Veg
Below are just a few samples of sites dedicated to vegan goods.  You can google vegan "shoes", vegan "chocolate" etc. and you will often find more options.
Cosmos Vegan Shoppe
MooShoes Non-Leather Shoes
Pangea Vegan Store
Vegan Essentials Online Store

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American Vegan Society
Boston Vegan Association
Compassion Over Killing
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